The Artificial Intelligence Program is a specialised training program managed by the National Program for Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates and facilitated by the University of Birmingham.

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The Artificial Intelligence Program in collaboration with the University of Birmingham

Artificial Intelligence Program Overview

The Artificial Intelligence Program is a specialised training program managed by the National Program for Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates and facilitated by the University of Birmingham. This program introduces participants to Artificial Intelligence and the latest developments in generative AI. It examines the challenges and opportunities that AI represents, the security and ethical risks connected with its adoption, and how to successfully make use of the tools it offers in a modern organisation. Through the program, participants will gain a strong understanding of current global trends in Artificial Intelligence technologies, the latest developments in Large Language Models and the role they play in our ever-changing world.

The program is primarily aimed at government officials, but it also welcomes private sector employees and interested UAE residents. The main goal of the program is to empower officials with the understanding and skills required to contribute to the UAE’s journey towards its 2071 centennial goals.

The program will enable participants to become AI experts in their field equipped with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the different trends and uses of AI, the application of large language models, methods of adoption, the wider implications and approaches to tackling security and ethical risks.

Our Partner

University of Birmingham

Birmingham is a Top 100 University and part of the prestigious Russell Group of UK universities. It was granted its Royal Charter in 1900 but can trace its roots back to 1767.

It has a global reputation for pursuing and sharing knowledge through outstanding teaching and world-leading research.

The 10 Nobel Laureates it counts amongst its staff and alumni have contributed to some of science’s greatest discoveries, including in recent times the Higgs Boson and Gravitational Waves. Its research provides innovative solutions to the challenges we face across the globe.

The UK campus is nestled in the hustle and bustle of England’s diverse and vibrant second city and is just minutes away from the city centre. The University itself is a centre of culture for the region. From museums and galleries to concert halls and a botanic garden, its campus is brimming with things to do.

More than 100 years since its founding Birmingham campus has grown to 672 acres, and in 2022 it officially opened its new bespoke campus in the UAE. It was the first global top 100 and UK Russell Group university to establish a campus in the Emirate of Dubai.

It now offers a Global Top 100 educational opportunity here in Dubai, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level. It’s now bringing world-class research expertise to the UAE.

At Birmingham, they encourage bold, independent thinking and offer a high- quality academic experience to stretch and challenge you. By studying with us on the Generative AI program you will be an active part of a diverse university community to help you pursue your own interests and develop the career and academic path that’s right for you.

The Dubai and the Birmingham teams are looking forward to welcoming you to both its campuses during the new program.


The Program will deliver

World Class Educational Community

High quality training in AI and related fields through courses designed by a recognized global leader in science and engineering education

Certificates that will significantly enhance students’ career and educational prospects

Access to a world-class educational community that offers extraordinary mentoring, career guidance, and social networking opportunities

Access to world-class virtual classrooms and collaborative online learning spaces with a capacity of at least 100,000 students

A great program that equipped me with the required skills and knowledge needed to drive the efforts towards adopting Artificial Intelligence in the government in the right direction.
Dina Fares

Acting Director General
Ajman Digital Authority

Dana Fares


BSc MA MSc PhD FRICS FBCS Fellow of Kellogg College, University of Oxford
MSc, DPhil, SFHEA Deputy Head of Computer Science, University of Birmingham
PhD MBA Visiting Fellow of Kellogg College, University of Oxford
BSc MSc PhD Associate Professor of Information Systems, Uppsala University, Sweden
BSc DPhil Assistant Professor of Computer Engineering, NYU, Abu Dhabi

Learning Objectives

To understand what Artificial Intelligence is, the technologies
it encompasses, and the role it promises to play in our future lives.

To acquire skills in data collection, interpretation, and analysis applicable to an AI empowered environment.

To develop an action for the adoption of AI technology in the participants’ organization

To understand and be able to explain the potential positive and negative impacts of AI adoption in a wide variety of contexts.

To strengthen participants’ abilities to analyze, understand, and interpret information about AI systems.

To gain a thorough appreciation of the security and ethical risks and connected with AI adoption and to understand approaches to tackling these.

To learn how to enhance strategic planning for the adoption of AI.

Program Design

The Program is aimed at government officials, private sector employees and individuals to enable them to adapt to fast-paced changes and to shape the future of the UAE. The course consists of 4 parts:

Main Modules
Modules 1-4 will be facilitated and conducted by University of Oxford and Birmingham University faculty. Classes will take place for one week during the month.

Participants must complete a capstone project in order to graduate from the program

Participants will have their graduation ceremony in UK

Certificates from National Program for Artificial Intelligence and University of Birmingham

2024 Program Modules

Module 1

20-24 May 2024, Dubai

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Generative AI

Module 2

24-28 June 2024, Dubai

Data Strategies for Machine Learning and Generative Artificial Intelligence

Module 3

22-26 July 2024, Dubai

In-depth look at Machine Learning and Generative Models

Module 4

12-16 August 2024, Dubai

Applications of Artificial Intelligence and Generative Models

Module 5

16-20 September 2024, Birmingham

Capstone Presentations and Birmingham experience
The possibilities and realities of AI that I have been exposed to in this program have changed the way I think and work.
Sultan AlOwais
Acting Director of Corporate Digital Services Department
Prime Minister’s Office
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More than 90 entities from government and private sector enrolled AI program .