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Artificial Intelligence/Learn

The Artificial Intelligence Program​

in collaboration with the University of Birmingham

The Artificial Intelligence Program is a specialised training program managed by the National Program for Artificial Intelligence in the United Arab Emirates and facilitated by the University of Birmingham.

Artificial Intelligence

National Strategy

for Artificial Intelligence 2031

We will transform the UAE into a world leader in A.I. by investing in people and industries that are key to our success.

AI and Blockchain Council

Proposing policies to create an A.I.-friendly ecosystem


The biggest gathering of trainings, workshops, webinars

AI Day

A field trip to experience real-life applications of AI in the UAE

Digital Economy

The Most Prosperous Digital Economy Among Digitally Developed Countries


A leading digital economy that combines human ingenuity with the latest advanced technologies to create a thriving economy based on future technologies

the next wave of (coders)

UAE government launched the Coders HQ, a new transformational project that re-defines local coding communities, in partnership with more than 40 companies in the UAE and worldwide.

Get Inspired

(hq) get inspired is an initiative that centres and attracts the biggest global tech influencers to the local tech community

(hq) ambassador

Spreading the word about code

Our Publications

Responsible Metaverse Self-governance Framework

100 Practical Applications and Use Cases of GAI in Media

100 Practical Applications and Use Cases of Generative AI

Artificial Intelligence

Learn Artificial Intelligence

“The youth should be equipped with science and knowledge as they are the sole, constant, dominant weapons in this life.”
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai

AI Degrees | UAE

AI Degrees | Global


Local Scholarship | UAE