World Leaders in AI by 2031

Photo Credits: AI Minister visits ADNOC’s Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Centres

National Program for

Artificial Intelligence

Building a Responsive Artificial Intelligence Nation

The UAE National Program for Artificial Intelligence – BRAIN – is a comprehensive and consolidated compilation of resources that highlight the advances in AI and Robotics, with special emphasis on the UAE’s policy objective to become a leading participant in the responsible use of AI and its tools, globally.

This program will define and underline the various initiatives, collaborations, partnerships and breakthroughs in the field of AI, and the impact of all these on humankind.

The UAE has been an early and leading player in the responsible use of AI technology and its balanced implementation to preserve an open global digital commons for our populations.


billion dollar economy boost


billion dollar government savings


billion dollar in UAE GDP


billion dollar impact on financial services

The National

AI Strategy 2031

Developing a roadmap for the UAE’s role required us to contextualize global debates to the challenges and opportunities

The UAE aims to become a fast adopter of emerging AI technologies across Government, as well as attract top AI talent to experiment with new technologies and work in a sophisticated, secure ecosystem to solve complex problems.

With this foundation of talent, as well as better governance of AI, we will have the right conditions to develop new AI solutions here in the UAE in the coming decade and beyond. These novel technologies have huge economic potential, including from licensing and export overseas.

The UAE has a vision to become a world leader in AI by 2031, creating new economic and social opportunities for citizens, governments and businesses and generating up to AED 335bn in extra growth.

At the annual World Government Summit Meeting in February 2018, the UAE announced key elements of its strategy – a welcoming destination for developing AI products, new education programs and championing good governance.

Our existing strengths:

Opportunities where we can lead:

Industry Assets & Emerging Sectors

Smart Government

Data Sharing And Governance

New Generation Of Regional Talent

The UAE government will fund or enable pilot projects. These proofs-of-concepts could be designed by public sector, private sector or consortia.

Funding will depend on how well proposed pilots map onto the reasoning for each priority sector. For example, the AI Office is working with various private sector companies to develop pilots that use quantum computing to support health diagnostics and global energy supply management.

UAE Council for

Artificial Intelligence

The council is tasked with proposing policies to create an AI-friendly ecosystem; advanced research in the sector; and promoting collaboration between the public and private sectors, including international institutions to accelerate the adoption of AI.

Developing a Fertile Ecosystem for AI in the UAE

This starts with better access to local data infrastructure and funding for projects that make the most of this which will lead to opportunities for building new companies.

Governments can play an important coordinating role, providing access to networks, data and finance that can help overcome these barriers. A combination of funding, knowledge, and strategic support will be needed to develop a domestic AI ecosystem.